Extra sturdy frames with scalloped arms and legs cut from solid hardwood.

Solid Comfort.

Features and Benefits


Wall-save frame design keeps chair backs from scarring wall or other chairs behind.

Steel cross braces and heavy gauge steel frames provide a 350 lb. capacity in the guest & patient chairs, settee and bench.

2" gap between seat and back allow for easy clean out.

Seat and back are easily removed and replaced when soiled or damaged beyond cleanability or repair.

Bariatric seating includes additional internal steel cross braces in the back providing a standard weight capacity of 500 lbs. with 750 lb. and 1,000 lb. capacity options.




Materials and Finishes




Visit each of our upholstery business partners to view their entire selection of options in the HPFi graded-in program, order memo samples and download specification sheets.




Additional Information


Customs and Specials

One size does not fit all. Even with hundreds of items offered in a multitude of sizes there are instances where "standard" just doesn't work. At HPFi® we are able, and more importantly, willing, to develop a custom piece or pieces to help you round out that special project. One piece or one hundred, we are standing by to make your work space dream a reality. Contact us and see how accommodating we can be!


Social Responsibility

HPFi endeavors to be a good citizen of our community, for our business partners and our associates. We have adopted a Social Responsibility policy to reflect and ensure that we continue to meet our objectives and any and all regulatory requirements. Our policy addresses the environment, labor and human rights, internal and external health & safety, inclusiveness and community outreach & involvement.


California Proposition 65

Every manufacturer selling product into the State of California must provide a warning if any chemicals known to the State to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity above stated limits are present in a product AND a user of that product can be exposed to the chemical(s) through ingestion (eating), respiration (inhaling) or physical contact (can rub off). There is no exposure to any Prop 65 listed chemicals in the final state of any HPFi product.