Download NOW Fabric Options brochure


The many features and benefits of our new brochure include:

New cover

It is unmistakably noticeable and different and will not be confused with the older editions.

New Patterns

24 of the 74 patterns included are in this catalog for the first time. There are lots of really cool patterns and textures from Grade 2 through Grade 10!

Dynamic/textured large images

Every pattern from Culp, Mayer and Stinson feature a larger reference image that is more revealing of the fabric’s texture.

Seam Slippage/Strength information

This critical specification applies to the fabrics’ use on the front/steps for Flex Tiered seating. In this edition we have added seam strength data for the Momentum coated fabrics which had previously not been made available to HPFi.

Additionally, our online PDF version of the NOW Fabric Options brochure has many useful interactive features:

Clickable index page

Each grade and pattern name on the Index page will jump you to the correct page within the pdf. If you want to get back to the Index page quickly, just click on the HPFi logo at the bottom of any page.

Links to additional colors

This link takes you directly to that pattern’s page on the supplier’s web site. Once there you can see full specifications and order memo samples.

Supplier contact links

Email links for each are conveniently located under their logo.

NOW Fabric Options for Healthcare


When viewing our NOW Fabric Options brochure, look for the heart symbol for patterns best suited for healthcare applications. You can also browse through our healthcare offering from the brochure by going to our NOW Fabric Options for Healthcare webpage:


Memo Samples


Visit each of our NOW upholstery business partners to order memo samples and download specification sheets.