Sentinel™ finish

HPFi® (High Point Furniture Industries) utilizes the latest innovations in anti-microbial technology in providing the Sentinel™ finish on all wood seating products. Sentinel provides a formidable inhibitory against microorganisms, more commonly known as microbes or germs. Microbes include bacteria, fungi and algae indigenous to the entire world. Unfortunately, the growth of microbes is prevalent in every environment including healthcare facilities.

The growth of microbes on furnishings can lead to a number of other problems. Foul odors, discoloration and the formation of mold or mildew can shorten the life expectancy of furnishings. Although healthcare facilities and the majority of public seating areas practice proper hygiene and maintenance, the addition of the Sentinel finish helps to provide residual protection against microbial contamination.

The additives of the Sentinel finish do not impact the functional performance nor does it affect the true coloration of our seating frames. The Sentinel finish on the exposed wood portions of HPFi furnishings mitigates the growth of bacteria, resists degradation from latent microbes and offers a mildew-resistant surface. When combined with a healthcare vinyl, Crypton® woven/finished fabrics or Agion, HPFi furniture provides a safe and healthier solution to waiting rooms, lobbies and any public seating area.