White Plains High School (NY)


The Story



HNE (Health and Educational Equipment Corp.)
Tom Hogan - Sales Person


Caron Newton
Sales Administration


Toni Russo, Purchasing Supervisor, at the White Plains School District contacted Tom Hogan and Caron Newton at HNE Equipment for creative ideas on how to utilize these open spaces, and together they came up with an inviting and functional concept. Caron chose to work with HPFi because of our quality of products, service, and great working relationship.

Caron provided the design and renderings utilizing the KITS Collaborator to our HPFi designer, Michelle Christie to proof her configurations using the CAP Complete software. “It was a pleasure working with Caron on this project. We carefully assessed her plans from KITS Collaborator to verify that White Plains would have an ideal fit and solution for this area in the school”, Michelle said.


Why HPFi?


Toni shared, “I couldn't be more pleased with the installation. The only problem we have is trying to keep the students off the furniture! The students also love to meet friends and work on group projects in our senior lounge while using the Matrix tables. They especially love the tabletop and Flex Tiered seating power modules, where they can charge their cell phones or devices.”

Toni said, “We began working on this project at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, so our final configurations were modified quite a bit from our original plans. Because the HPFi products are modular and flexible we were able to adapt to the current COVID-19 restrictions. Some of the Flex seating that was installed in the senior lounge has yet to be fully utilized. Once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and the areas are set up as designed, our students will have the perfect gathering space.”

Toni continued, “The district’s commitment to creating a warm and inviting environment for our students, was possible because of the partnership and support we had with HNE and HPFi.  Collaborating with Caron at HNE was an amazing experience and I want to thank her for all her hard work, and support of our students. We look forward to working with HNE and HPFi on future projects.”

HPFi products have also been used in many other areas of the district, primarily with Hyperwork series casegoods.