Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library (Kerrville, TX)


After years of heavy daily use, HPFi products are proven built to last.


In 2012 Library Interiors of Texas supplied all of the furniture package for the Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library in Kerrville, TX. A number of manufacturers were involved, including HPFi which supplied all of the soft seating (including Claudia and Genesis Lounge Seating) plus tables and staff desking (including Hyperwork Occasional Tables and Casegoods.)

A recent performance review with the library director showed that after 9 years of heavy, daily use, for long hours and 6 days per week, Claudia & Genesis showed no fabric wear or loss of cushioning from the foam, and no seams have failed! None of the staff desks showed any surface wear nor any other signs showing their age.