NOW: Casegoods

NOW Accelerated Response program has been temporarily suspended.


NOW Program


Select Bedford and Hyperwork casegoods, shipped in less than 15 business days.

Got a tight deadline? With our extensive NOW Accelerated Response program, we will ship hundreds of casegoods within the Bedford and Hyperwork lines within fifteen (15) business days after the credit approved order is entered. Look for the NOW code in the Price Book to see which models apply.




Orders must be clearly marked with NOW and include only those items identified as being available through the NOW program. HPFi will make every effort to ship all credit-approved NOW orders in less than fifteen (15) business days from the date that a complete order is entered with all required details and is credit approved.


The maximum order size for NOW program is 8 pieces of any item (per dealer, per day) and $30,000 list regardless of the number of items. Orders for the same item(s) cannot be ordered consecutively in the same week without prior approval from HPFi. Should your product needs exceed these maximums, please contact your Customer Service Representative for manufacturing time.

HPFi reserves the right to limit quantities based on material availability.


Contact Customer Service to verify whether a change or cancellation can be made on a casegood products order. If a change is made, the cycle of the number of business days for NOW items begins anew from the date the change was made. No cancellations are allowed once an order ships. HPFi is not responsible for any loss of sale or contract resulting from failure to ship within fifteen (15) business days.

Payment Terms

Net thirty (30) days from date of invoice.